How can a bike share program help downtown?

How can a bike share program help downtown?

I found this great article on tips for a successful downtown and among them was to have a bike share program. Supposedly, this trend is spreading like wildfire throughout the USA and I think that this is exactly what downtown Little Rock needs.

Do I bike? In the spring, when I feel like dragging it out of my house and down the steps to the street below.

If I had a bike sitting right in front of me, would I use it? Heck yeah! Especially if it meant that I didn’t have to drag the bike back into my already cramped house.

For me, the bike share program is a win-win. I feel like I am being healthy while supporting the public transportation system. I get some fresh air while enjoying not being on a stuffy bus. I sleep better at night because I ACTUALLY exercised.

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Vibrant Downtown Strategy #12

Set up a downtown bike share program.

Divvy Bikes bike share program: Chicago, IL


Any strategy that results in more transportation choices available within a downtown is a good thing if you’re aiming for a more vibrant urban core.  And bike share programs – which have been spreading like wildfire across large U.S. cities in the past couple years – are certainly a good option for enhancing transportation access.  But what makes this strategy so valuable is that it also provides indirect marketing and branding service for your downtown.

Bike share programs, with their highly visible stations and riders, broadcast a continual message to casual observers that downtown is a place for recreation and entertainment.  Divvy Bikes in Chicago and Citi Bike in New York are two of the largest and most successful bike share programs in the U.S.

Lastly, bike share programs are highly flexible in terms of how they can be implemented and managed.  Some systems are managed by non-profits, others are owned by local transportation authorities, and many are sponsored by major corporations or wholly owned and operated by the private sector.  This flexibility in ownership/management models can help explain why the bike share craze has spread so quickly in such a short time.