Thumbs up to art for downtown Little Rock

The Community

Thumbs up to art for downtown Little Rock

We love to see communities come together for the greater good and yesterday Little Rock voter did just that!


Don’t you just love Millenials?

Fantastic article about how Millenials are returning to concept of shopping local and being active in their community.

And did we mention that our Founder, Starre Haas, is a Millenial? 😉If this article sparks an idea in your head, be sure to share it with us at!Click here to read the article

Downtown Success Story: Denver

My Historic Downtown doesn’t work with just Little Rock, we want to work with downtowns across the country.

In fact, we are already selling our shirts in downtown Portland!

Take the time to read this article about downtown Denver. We are thinking that this is where we should expand to next! Read More…


AR Innovation Hub

We are obsessed with this organization in downtown Argenta and you should be too! Be sure and check them out!



How to grow your downtown!

12 Strategies That Will Transform Your City’s Downtown

Read More…

Meet Your Neighbor: Justin Scott

If you have ever grocery shopped at Edward’s Food Giant on S. Main, you have most likely been greeted by fellow neighbor Justin Scott.

Justin is a perfect example of what My Historic Downtown stands for. Not only does he always have a smile and a cheery attitude, he also takes the time to learn the names of each family member. He really encompasses our concept of shopping local and neighborly love.

We believe that a key component to building your community is just getting to know one another!

So, the next time you go shopping at Edward’s Grocery, say hello to Justin. We promise you won’t regret it!


Looking to feature your local products? Give us a shout!

If you are a vendor that would like to sell your products on our site, give us a call! We believe in supporting local product makers and several different products will be added to the site in the next few weeks!

Contact us at
Email Me or call 501-563-1411!

Downtown Little Rock’s East Village

We are seeing astounding progress with the East Village in downtown Little Rock!

Check out the links below to learn more!

Historic blueprints

Hundreds of historic blueprints now available online



I-30 Expansion

I-30 Expansion

From THV – The I-30 expansion project received a jolt of new energy Wednesday after a local architect released a new development plan that could change the project’s future.

What’s more is he did it as a volunteer effort to change what he says could be a $400 million mistake.

The developer, Tom Fennell of Fennell Purifoy Architects in Little Rock, worked more than 100 hours coming up with the designs. He and his team used cities like Chicago as inspiration to create a plan that is unlike anything presented in any of the meetings before.

Click here to read the entire story